Monday, October 20, 2008

Well these are just a few other pictures Heather took as well. My son loves to ride his bike and would ride it all the time if we would let him. He does race in motocross races around our state. But he started to do a few little tricks on his track in the back field, and always wants me to come out and watch. When he does these tricks in mid air, it scares me, and I find it really hard to watch. If he just rides I am fine but when he starts taking his hands off the bars that is different. His dream is to become a pro motocross racer and has also talked about doing FMX like on the xgames if any of you have seen that. That is when they do tricks in mid air. I hope he sticks with motocross racing as he is on the ground more than in mid air, except for the jumps. My husband use to ride and race motocross so both kids come across motorcross on his part. I have road bikes, but keep them on the ground. haha, no jumping here.

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