Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tv game console systems

We bought our kids a Wii game console for xmas last year and it was the best system we have ever bought. We have had the nintendo system, playstation 2 as well. But the Wii the entire family can play. We actually came up with a Wii family game night and it is great. Not like the playstation were only 2 players can play. The Wii the entire family can play. If your kids are playing tv games constantly like ours were, then buy the Wii and you will see the entire family playing together.

And there are several games for the entire family to play. If your family is into music, you can buy the Rock Band and the entire family can play, it comes with drums, guitar, mic, and tamborin. If your family likes to dance, you can buy Dance Revolution it is fun for the entire family. Or if your family is in to excersice they just came out with a Wii Fit game that is actually pretty cool and you do get a work out. They also have several sports games, bowling, boxing, football, baseball, tennis, golf, just to name a few, and there again the entire family can play these games together.

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Mom Times Three said...

This is on our "family" Christmas list this year . . . now we just have to find one!