Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kids leaving home for the first time.

My daughter graduated back in May of 2008. She decided to take at home college course for photography, so we thought she was going to stay around here so it wouldnt be so hard on her. But she came home yesterday and told us she gave her 2 weeks notice at her job, and she was going to start her life. She went to look at an apartment in Sioux Falls. Her dad and I are very scared for her, as she has a car payment, looking at an apartment that is 630.00 a month. The only good thing about this is one of her high school friends decided to room with her and cut things in half. But still that is going to be 515.00 a month not including electricity and internet access. She will have to hold down a full time job, plus do her 3 college courses daily and maybe take a second job. If anyone out there has anything to say that can make me this easier on me or has any suggestions please let me know. I am so scared for her.

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Mommy Mia said...

My stepson moved out on his own at 19-he is now 24 and has been back here and at his mom's several times. But then, he is not the best at holding down a job either. My advice would be to let her know that you love her and stand behind whatever decisions she makes. Even though you don't feel she is ready, she may just surprise you! My other stepson moved out at 21 and has had the same great job for the past 4 or 5 years. He is now 26 and owns his own house and is doing great. Hang in there, I know it isn't easy seeing your baby grow up!
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