Monday, May 11, 2009

New work at home site

I found this new job for work at home moms... I have already gotten paid once from them, it isnt a big money making site but every little bit helps and it dont take long to do the job. Here is the link and it does not take long to apply..

I worked for less than 10 min. and made 3.06....they dont have alot of clients but they are getting more everyday... You do need a cell phone to get the activation code, and body 13 and older can apply..You also have to have a paypal account.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I was just wondering if there is an age limit on trick or treating in your areas. I live in a small town and it seems even high school kids get dressed up and go trick or treating. The town hasnt had any trouble with the older kids doing things to the younger kids but it just seems odd that they would still want to trick or treat. I always thought it was for the little ghost and goblins to have fun to dress up and enjoy there evening. But it seems more and more older kids are doing it as well. Any other people get older kids at there houses?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tv game console systems

We bought our kids a Wii game console for xmas last year and it was the best system we have ever bought. We have had the nintendo system, playstation 2 as well. But the Wii the entire family can play. We actually came up with a Wii family game night and it is great. Not like the playstation were only 2 players can play. The Wii the entire family can play. If your kids are playing tv games constantly like ours were, then buy the Wii and you will see the entire family playing together.

And there are several games for the entire family to play. If your family is into music, you can buy the Rock Band and the entire family can play, it comes with drums, guitar, mic, and tamborin. If your family likes to dance, you can buy Dance Revolution it is fun for the entire family. Or if your family is in to excersice they just came out with a Wii Fit game that is actually pretty cool and you do get a work out. They also have several sports games, bowling, boxing, football, baseball, tennis, golf, just to name a few, and there again the entire family can play these games together.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Well these are just a few other pictures Heather took as well. My son loves to ride his bike and would ride it all the time if we would let him. He does race in motocross races around our state. But he started to do a few little tricks on his track in the back field, and always wants me to come out and watch. When he does these tricks in mid air, it scares me, and I find it really hard to watch. If he just rides I am fine but when he starts taking his hands off the bars that is different. His dream is to become a pro motocross racer and has also talked about doing FMX like on the xgames if any of you have seen that. That is when they do tricks in mid air. I hope he sticks with motocross racing as he is on the ground more than in mid air, except for the jumps. My husband use to ride and race motocross so both kids come across motorcross on his part. I have road bikes, but keep them on the ground. haha, no jumping here.

My kids

I have a daughter that is 19 years old and is taking an online photography course and she had to take some pictures this weekend, and she chose to take some pictures of her younger brother riding his dirtbike. The picture I am going to post really caught my eye, as I wasnt sure how she actually got the picture. We have a small track with a few jumps in our back field and she layed between two jumps and let my son jump over her and she snaped the shot. I thought wow very trusting aren't you. As my son is only 12. But she said mom you need to do whatever to get that one perfect picture.

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Mom

I havent laughed so hard in my life. I took my mom to the local pharmacy this morning, for cough syrup for her brother in law. We went to pay for the cough syrup and she actually got carded, she is 75 years old, and has never been carded in her life until now. I stood there and laughed how funny is that. She said you made my day, dont I look old enough. haha, it was great.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kids leaving home for the first time.

My daughter graduated back in May of 2008. She decided to take at home college course for photography, so we thought she was going to stay around here so it wouldnt be so hard on her. But she came home yesterday and told us she gave her 2 weeks notice at her job, and she was going to start her life. She went to look at an apartment in Sioux Falls. Her dad and I are very scared for her, as she has a car payment, looking at an apartment that is 630.00 a month. The only good thing about this is one of her high school friends decided to room with her and cut things in half. But still that is going to be 515.00 a month not including electricity and internet access. She will have to hold down a full time job, plus do her 3 college courses daily and maybe take a second job. If anyone out there has anything to say that can make me this easier on me or has any suggestions please let me know. I am so scared for her.